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AI-PROFICIENT will develop a technical and business ecosystem to demonstrate the potential for improved performance in production plants, by bringing the advanced AI technologies to production lines and facilitating the cooperation between humans and machines. In this regard, AI-PROFICIENT proposes an evolution from hierarchical and reactive decision making for plant automation towards self-learning and proactive control strategies that take full advantage of integration of advanced AI technologies with production plants. This will be achieved by meeting the following General Objectives (GOs), setting the conditions for wide-scale applicability and replicability across the EU manufacturing and process industry:

  • GO1: Integrating existing and emerging AI technologies to create the AI-PROFICIENT platform for digitalized production plants, leveraging the platform AI services and local intelligence of smart components at system edge, to enable agile production processes and improved operation planning and execution, while increasing the Overall Production Efficiency (OPE) (increase in OPE by between 5% and 10% depending on process).
  • GO2: Piloting the AI-PROFICIENT solution in 3 production plants which operate in different manufacturing domains, under different use case scenarios, involving the AI-enabled predictive fault detection and diagnostics, and proactive maintenance, demonstrating its potential to improve the quality of products and processes (low-quality products reduction by between 20% and 50%).
  • GO3: Identifying the effective means for human-machine collaboration, while respecting the privacy, safety and security requirements and following the ethical principles, in order to enable the AI decision-making explainability and transparency, as well as the reinforcement mechanisms based on the human knowledge and feedback to improve the trustworthiness of AI in manufacturing domain.