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Advancing Ethical Sustainability in Digital Manufacturing: Insights from SOHOMA2023

In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, sustainable practices and ethical considerations hold an increasingly crucial role. These topics aren’t just buzzwords but essential elements that are redefining the future of the industry. An exciting glimpse into this transformative realm was recently offered by Marc M. Anderson, from Université de Lorraine, an AI-PROFICIENT partner, during the 13th International Workshop on Service-Oriented, Holonic, and Multi-Agent Manufacturing Systems for Industry of the Future (SOHOMA2023).

Held in the picturesque town of Annecy, France, from September 28 to 29, 2023, SOHOMA2023 brought together brilliant minds and innovative thinkers from across the globe. The event served as a platform for spirited discussions and knowledge-sharing, with a special focus on ethical and sustainable perspectives within industrial systems.

On the second day of this transformative workshop, Marc M. Anderson took the stage to present his paper titled “Exploring the Idea of Ethical Sustainability for Digital Manufacturing”. This paper, now set to make a significant impact in the realm of manufacturing, was included in the SOHOMA’23 proceedings volume and will soon be published in the esteemed Springer featured book series, “Studies in Computational Intelligence”.