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AI-PROFICIENT and IMP at the 65th International Technical Fair

The 65th International Technical Fair, held in Belgrade, Serbia, from May 16th to May 19th 2023, was a prestigious gathering of technical minds and a showcase of innovation in the region. This event aimed to bring together representatives from diverse technical fields, offering them a platform to present their most cutting-edge and noteworthy accomplishments. Among the standout participants was the Institute Mihajlo Pupin (IMP), presenting a range of solutions originating from their recent commercial and scientific projects.

One of the standout offerings from IMP was their participation in the AI-PROFICIENT project, a venture focused on enhancing product quality within a Continental factory. Through the project results presentation, IMP showcased technical advancement and the practical impact of AI-PROFICIENT work. Particularly, IMP presented innovative generative approach bolstered by surrogate modeling and explainable artificial intelligence, which successfully achieved optimization of the critical processes. The appeal of these results resonated strongly with fair attendees, attracting attention for their potential to revolutionize quality control in manufacturing.

IMP’s presentation exemplified the AI-PROFICIENT project’s commitment to driving tangible advancements through applied technology. The innovative approach to process optimization not only garnered interest among fair visitors but also highlighted prowess in translating complex research into practical, industry-transforming solutions. As we reflected on the 65th International Technical Fair, it is clear that AI-PROFICIENT’s contributions were a shining example of their dedication to making a real impact in the world of technology and manufacturing. These achievements have paved the way for more efficient and higher-quality production processes, marking a significant milestone in the journey owards a more technologically advanced future.