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AI-PROFICIENT showcased at EFFRA Manufacturing partnership day

AI-PROFICIENT participated at “The Manufacturing Partnership Day”, which took place on the 26th of September 2023 in Brussels, Belgium. The event, co-organized by the European Factories of the Future Research Association (EFFRA) and Factories of the Future and Made in Europe projects, brought together the Factories of the Future and Made in Europe community and showcased ongoing work of 47 projects.

Through a 15-minutes presentation by the project Exploitation and Innovation Manager, George Triantafyllou (ATC), participants had the chance to learn more about our objectives and progress so far, the project’s unique innovation points and how it moves European innovative manufacturing forward, as well as plans for the future. The presentation “AI-PROFICIENT project: Bringing advanced AI technologies to edge / cloud / decision manufacturer layers and facilitating the cooperation between humans and machines, using Ethics by Design approach” is available here.

AI-PROFICIENT displayed its latest 2-page brochure featuring the project’s key features and use cases at a dedicated spot in the event’s exhibition area. Visitors had the possibility to exchange views with the Project Coordinator, Professor Benoit Iung (UL), the project Exploitation and Innovation Manager, George Triantafyllou (ATC), as well as the project Technical Leaders, Aitor Arnaiz (TEK) and Alexander Vasylchenko (TF) and learn more about the latest achievements of the project. One of the key project achievements related to the Connected Worker using Optical character Recognition and Speech to text functionalities via a helmet designed for AI-PROFICIENT, has been showcased at the AI-PROFICIENT stand. The visitors had the opportunity to examine audio and visual helmet modules cooperating to provide support to the operator. The project’s video that was showcased in the exhibition area is available on our YouTube channel.

For more information about the #EFFRAManuDay23 and all the projects showcased, check the event’s website.