AI Proficient & TenForce @ Hannover
Messe 2022

Hannover Messe is a large industrial trade fair held annually in Hannover, Germany – one of the world’s
leading trade fairs for industrial technology. It features exhibits and demonstrations of the latest
innovations and products in various industries such as automation, energy, robotics, and more

The fair typically attracts exhibitors and visitors from around the globe and is considered an important
event for networking and business development in the industrial sector.

Hannover Messe covers a wide range of topics related to industrial technology and manufacturing, such

  • Automation
  • Energy
  • Logistics and supply chain management
  • Robotics, and more.

It also includes exhibits and demonstrations of cutting-edge technologies and products in these areas, as
well as conferences and seminars on the latest industry trends and developments.

AI Proficient @ Hannover Messe 2022

The Hannover Messe participants discovered the AI proficient project by visiting the TenForce booth in
Hal 4/Stand 46 to learn how the companycommits to enabling sustainable manufacturing through two
core objectives: workers’ good health and well-being, and industry innovation.

  • Workers’ Good Health & Well-being

Visitors were able to learn more about the TenForce complete EHSQ software platform and our
modules, like Incident Management, Audits & Inspections, and Permit-to-Work

  • Industry Innovation & Smart Manufacturing

Fair visitors participated in live demonstrations of AI-PROFICIENT, the ambitious R&D project on
applying AI, IIoT, and AR technology to improve plant productivity across the entire EU manufacturing
and process industry