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Bridging AI Worlds: AI-PROFICIENT and AI4EU Collaboration

In a determined effort to harness the power of artificial intelligence, AI-PROFICIENT embarked on a journey to align its endeavors with the AI4EU project. In our Deliverable ‘D5.4: Integration with AI4EU’s AI on-demand platform’, George Triantafyllou (ATC) analyses the details of this strategic alignment and the significant strides taken.

The document provides a comprehensive understanding of the AI4EU platform, dissecting its technical intricacies, software architecture, functional operations, and user-centric services. AI-PROFICIENT’s integration with the AI-on-Demand platform represents a pivotal development, fostering bidirectional communication and knowledge exchange.

On one front, AI-PROFICIENT diligently scoured the AI-on-Demand platform for relevant software components, meticulously inspecting their capabilities. These components, handpicked to align with our project’s goals, were seamlessly integrated, fortifying our AI arsenal. Conversely, our project extended its hand in reciprocity. Project partners actively contributed AI-PROFICIENT’s results to the AI-on-Demand platform, laying the foundation for future initiatives to leverage and enhance our collective AI models and modules.

Read the full Deliverable here.