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Get to know AI-PROFICIENT’s system architecture

In the Deliverable D1.5 ‘AI-PROFICIENT system architecture’, the AI-PROFICIENT team presents the project’s platform architecture, following the ‘ethics by design approach’. As the authors highlight, ‘the AI-PROFICIENT platform envisions the build-up of service-oriented middleware which will interface on one side with AI services… it will integrate with the manufacturing assets and operators as well as the new hardware provided by the project’.

Within this deliverable:

  • After summarizing the project’s main objectives and the ethics by design approach, the widely used standard architectures, EU projects and commercial products in the area of IIoT and smart manufacturing are presented
  • Different parts of the architecture are presented: middleware, integration with the plant systems, and with external systems. At this point, the AI-PROFICIENT team focuses on the approach to integrate with the legacy equipment in the plants, especially having in mind the security constraints and data access policies
  • Human Interaction and Decision Support is explained, along with a list of recommendations provided by the ethics team

Read the deliverable here.