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Merging Realities: AR and AI Synergy in Action

Our latest Deliverable ‘D4.6: Human-machine interaction, explainable AI and shop-floor feedback’ takes you on a journey through intricate scenarios where technology, user experience, and creative problem-solving converge in diverse domains. As the AI-PROFICIENT team mentions, two remarkable applications have been deployed, each exemplifying the transformative power of innovation:

1. INEOS Application: An augmented reality AR-enabled mobile application that allows for new user interaction paradigms. By seamlessly integrating voice-controlled commands with QR code scanning, the application empowers users to engage with their surroundings in a hands-free manner. This synthesis of AR, voice recognition, and real-time data processing exemplifies the transformative potential of immersive technologies in enhancing operational efficiency. The INEOS Application is developed for INEOS use case 2.

2. Continental Dashboard: A web application displaying information from a sophisticated system designed for real-time AI-driven machinery monitoring and operator feedback. The web application not only presents operators with essential machinery data but also offers AI-generated suggestions for value adjustments. This interactive loop, wherein operators’ responses inform AI model refinement, showcases the collaborative synergy between human expertise and algorithmic insights. The Continental Dashboard is developed for the Continental use cases.

Throughout this Deliverable, the spotlight is on technology’s potential to empower users, streamline operations, and optimize decision-making.

Read the full Deliverable here.