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Navigating Ethical Horizons: Insights from AI-PROFICIENT

In the intricate landscape of AI, ethics stands as a guiding star, steering the course toward trustworthy and responsible AI applications. The Deliverable D6.4 ‘AI-PROFICIENT ethical recommendations’ offers a compelling exploration into the ethical dimensions of AI in the industrial manufacturing context.

In specific, Marc Anderson and Karën Fort from Université de Lorraine delve into the ethical considerations within the project’s purview.

Navigating Anonymity and Transparency
Respecting the sensitivity of the subject, the report ensures partner anonymity, except for general mentions in the context of plant visits. Anonymisation extends to the use of case codes, pilot plants, and task leaders, striking a balance between transparency and confidentiality. Specific data, particularly ethical recommendation implementation results, will find a more detailed home in an upcoming peer-reviewed journal article.

Harmonising with European Guidelines
Central to the report is a meticulous examination of the European Commission High-Level Expert Group Ethics Guidelines for Trustworthy AI. The authors articulate how these guidelines have been adapted and tailored to align seamlessly with the nuances of the AI-PROFICIENT project.

Ethical Contributions in Action
The report unfolds a comprehensive review of ethical methods deployed throughout the project. From the generation and monitoring of ethical recommendations to plant visits and deliverable reviews, the authors paint a vivid picture of the ethical landscape within AI-PROFICIENT.

Quantitative Insights: The Heart of Ethical Validation
The soul of ethical validation lies in quantitative implementation results. The ethics team, led by Marc Anderson and Karën Fort, principally, with some additional input from Christophe Cerisara and other members of the Université de Lorraine, collaboratively assessed these results, bringing an enriched perspective. The quantitative outcomes are presented by category, partner (anonymized), and collectively.

Integration into WP6 and Beyond
Beyond individual insights, the ethical implementation results seamlessly integrate into the broader WP6 validation. This integration not only strengthens the ethical fabric within AI-PROFICIENT but also contributes to the broader narrative of AI ethics.

Comparative Perspectives: Learning from the Cluster
AI-PROFICIENT’s ethical approach is scrutinized in comparison with other projects in the ICT-38 cluster. The report highlights complementarities, potential integrations, while candidly discussing limitations and paving the way for future research.

Read the full Deliverable here.