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Presenting an IoT Platform Architecture for Smart Factories

Modern manufacturing and process industry require new adaptive and flexible production systems in order to cope with today’s production requirements. In particular, fast setup of production lines, improved product quality and production efficiency are seen as some of the benefits of adopting Industry 4.0 approaches.

In order to achieve these goals, there is a need to intelligently process the data collected by using IIoT system and provide results that can be used to act upon the equipment, industrial processes and end products.

In our paper ‘Internet of Things Platform Architecture for Smart Factories’ published in the 2021 International Balkan Conference on Communications and Networking (BalkanCom), Lazar Berbakov and Nikola Tomašević present the preliminary architecture that will be used to support the goals our H2020 project. As they explain, the AI-PROFICIENT architecture is divided into multiple layers: system edge, cloud platform and human interaction which comprise functionalities related to data integration, processing and visualization.

Read the full paper here.