AI-PROFICIENT was part of the 14th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems

Earlier on March, AI-PROFICIENT partner Fundación Tekniker presented the paper “Towards a Circular Rotating Blade Wear Assessment Digital Twin for Manufacturing Lines” during the 14th IFAC Workshop on Intelligent Manufacturing Systems, which was held online by Tel-Aviv Afeka College of Engineering.

In specific, Fundación Tekniker presented their approach on tackling the problem of estimating the wear of blades on the production line.

Circular blades are well known in sawmills and other fabrication sites such as tire industries. The cutting process produces wear on the blades which slowly decreases the quality of the goods being cut, and, in the end, it might cause production line stoppage. At the same time, as there are many factors affecting the cutting process and the direct inspection of wear is not practical, assessing the wear of the blades to avoid these quality losses and breakdowns is not considered easy.

What López de Calle – Etxabe, Kerman, Garate – Perez, Eider and Aitor Arnaiz Irigaray propose in this paper is to build a Digital-Twin of a production line, so that the model can benefit from real data streams created in the production line. At the same time, this data will provide information of the blade’s health status, so that it can be replaced in the optimal timing.

Although a simulation of the data was presented during this event, Fundación Tekniker plan to extend their approach to real data coming from their involvement in AI-PROFICIENT

You can read the paper here.