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AI-PROFICIENT’s Anomaly Detection Tool presented at The Future is WOW 2023!

During Tenforce main outreach event ‘The Future Is WOW 2023’ event: AI-PROFICIENT Bringing AI to the Production Line’ in Belgium, our partners from Athens Technology Center made a presentation about the Anomaly Detection Tool that has been developed as part of the AI-PROFICIENT project.

In specific, on June 8th, Mr. George Triantafyllou presented a tool on Short-term Post-Hock Anomaly Analysis, which implements a mechanism to alert the user in case of machine-level malfunction, realized by monitoring machine parameters via a real-time feedback collection system. Deep semi-supervised anomaly detection is used to identify anomalous patterns via combination of labelled and unlabeled data, whilst a Root-cause Analysis feature informs the user with the most likely reasons for the problem by means of Shapley Additive Explanations method. Last but not least, the tool integrates an underlying mechanism to collect human feedback and optimize the anomaly detection model and root cause analysis accuracy.

You can download the presentation here.