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AI-PROFICIENT progress presented on a webinar organised by Tekniker and Ibermática

On June 21st 2023, our project partners Tekniker and Ibermática joined forces to deliver an insightful webinar as part of the Manufacturing Operation Management (MOM) Expertise Center activities. The webinar not only shed light on the benefits of process digital twins but also provided an overview of our project. With a focus on the Continental pilot, the webinar showcased the challenges, solutions, and impressive results achieved so far, demonstrating how these advancements can be applied to various industries.

Tekniker and Ibermática also emphasized the immense value that process digital twins bring to operations. By identifying discrepancies between real and ideal process behavior, organizations gain the ability to anticipate and mitigate potential problems, minimize idle times, and simulate future actions. The power of digital twins lies in their ability to provide a holistic view of the production process, enabling informed decision-making and proactive optimization.

The webinar attracted more than 35 participants, primarily from the industrial sector, demonstrating the significant interest in leveraging AI and digital twin technologies for operational excellence. The event fostered a collaborative environment, encouraging knowledge sharing and networking among like-minded professionals.

For those who missed the live session, the recorded webinar is available for access here (in Spanish).