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Navigating the Future of AI Standards: Key Insights from AI-PROFICIENT’s Standardisation Journey

In the realm of advancing AI technologies in manufacturing, standardisation plays a pivotal role. The AI-PROFICIENT project, through its Deliverable D7.5 ‘Standardisation activities of AI-PROFICIENT’, unveils the vital efforts made toward standardisation-related activities.

As seen within the report, the AI-PROFICIENT team began by thoroughly analysing the standards landscape to identify relevant target standards. This exploration was crucial for aligning our project’s results with existing and emerging standards.

Furthermore, the work with HSBooster was instrumental in enhancing the understanding of standardisation processes and formulating the AI-PROFICIENT team’s approach. This partnership not only provided valuable insights but also laid the groundwork for effective strategy development.

Last but not least, one of our project’s key accomplishments was identifying groups of standards associated with the technologies we explored in AI-PROFICIENT. By linking these standards to the project’s exploitable results, we have established a solid foundation to further pursue standardisation activities in future endeavors.

Read the full Deliverable here.