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Strategic Collaboration: AI-PROFICIENT’s impactful engagement in clustering and best practice exchange

The Deliverable 7.3. ‘AI-PROFICIENT clustering and networking’ illuminates the proactive efforts undertaken by AI-PROFICIENT team within the scope of Project Task 7.3 – “Clustering, best practice exchange, and methodology workshops”. Focused on fostering collaboration, the project strategically engaged with the ICT-38 Cluster, EU organisations, networks, and key industry stakeholders to maximise impact.

As mentioned, through coordinated efforts led by the project coordinator and communication/dissemination leader, AI-PROFICIENT established close ties with counterparts in projects funded under the same topic, “ICT-38-2020 – Artificial intelligence for manufacturing”. This collaborative approach aimed to create a related cluster, identify synergies in dissemination, and explore technical synergies in areas of common interest.

The deliverable outlines a comprehensive series of actions, including Internal Cluster meetings, Joint Cluster Workshops, Joint Cluster Activity with AI4EU, and collaborative initiatives with EFFRA. These actions, detailed in Section 3 – “Joint activities and Cross-fertilisation,” reflect the extensive and successful course of actions during the project’s lifetime.

In response to the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the collaboration between AI-PROFICIENT and the ICT-38 Cluster became particularly crucial. With traditional in-person events disrupted, the cluster’s online workshops and webinars emerged as vital platforms for knowledge sharing and technology transfer. These activities not only sustained dissemination efforts but also added a unique value to the cluster’s collaborative initiatives.

The collaborative actions undertaken by AI-PROFICIENT within the ICT-38 Cluster, especially during the pandemic, underscore the project’s adaptability and commitment to knowledge dissemination. As the AI-PROFICIENT team highlights, the online platforms provided a valuable avenue for sharing project outcomes and intensifying the overall success of Task 7.3.

Read the full Deliverable here.