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Overviewing the integration of AI ethics within AI-PROFICIENT

The Deliverable D1.2 ‘Legal and ethical requirements for human-machine interactions’ overviews the integration of ethics into the first six months of the AI-PROFICIENT project. It includes a literature review of the current and past work upon Industrial AI ethics, a survey of related guides and principles, and observations regarding the state of the discipline and its particular character relative to other fields of AI ethics.

In specific, the AI-PROFICIENT team presents a general overview, along with two actual Use Cases from the project, in order to present how the methodology has resulted in specific recommendations to the AI-PROFICIENT partners.
We should also pinpoint that there is also a section on legal issues (data protection, cybersecurity, safety, liability, and accessibility) outlining some of the relevant laws, international standards, and potential legal issues, regarding AI development in the EU.

Last but not least, the Deliverable includes the proposed strategy for embedding ethical considerations in the AI-PROFICIENT project going forward. As the authors highlight ‘our strategy going forward will be to continue applying our own understanding of Ethics by Design, as a continual and evolving process of discussion, questioning, reflection, recommendations to guide development, and assessment of results… Another part of our strategy will be to try to better establish the wishes of all parties, which includes in particular understanding the viewpoint of the employees at the ‘shop-floor level.’

You can read the Deliverable D1.2 ‘Legal and ethical requirements for human-machine interactions’ here.