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Tekniker’s workshop ‘The use of AI in the Manufacturing Industry’ was a success!

Last month on October 27th, our project partner Tekniker organized a workshop titled ‘The use of AI in the Manufacturing Industry’ to disseminate the first AI-PROFICIENT results and engage the Spanish and Basque Industry.

More than 80 key stakeholders of the manufacturing industry, researchers and academics had the opportunity to experience 6 live demos and gain significant insights on the latest AI applications in the industry, and also on AI’s short and long run impact on the field.

We are very proud that our AI-PROFICIENT partners Julien Hintenoch from Continental, Benoit Lung from University de Lorraine, Sandra Seijo from Ibermatica and Aitor Arnaiz, Kerman López de Calle, and Ander Ansuategi from Tekniker participated on this significant event, elaborating on the project’s latest activities and presented the progress so far, such as the optimization of the extrusion process in Continental, the use of advanced image recognition to control additive process quality (one of the live demos) and the use of dialogue and semantics to enable a more natural interaction with operators (also another live demo).

The workshop was closed by Laura Marron – general director of the Basque Artificial Intelligence Center (BAIC), who stressed on the opportunities that application of AI technologies is already bringing to industry.

See the workshop’s agenda

Download the workshop’s presentations