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The AI-PROFICIENT Technical Meeting at the INEOS Cologne Plant was a success!

On February 2nd-3rd 2023, twenty four members of the AI-PROFICIENT team had the chance to visit the INEOS Cologne site (Germany), to exchange views on several work packages and on the project’s use cases CONTI and INEOS. Here are the key highlights of the visit:

Day 1: February 2nd

Christophe van Loock (INEOS) opened this AI-PROFICIENT technical meeting and presented the meeting’s objectives and agenda.

Christophe and Thomas Liebig (INEOS) presented the main characteristics of the INEOS Cologne site. Two groups were formed to visit the site under optimal safety and security conditions and to facilitate more exchanges on the understanding of the site’s operations. The visit provided an opportunity to learn more about the production of PE, including reactor operation, as well as the evaluation of product quality in the polymer laboratory, with relevance to INEOS Use Cases

Day 2: February 3rd

The second day of the Cologne meeting was dedicated to several presentations and discussions on several Use Cases and Work Packages, to inform all partners about the progress so far.

In specific, this day focused on:

  • Updates on data validation in the INEOS Use Case 3 (Rheology drift). It was led by Dea Pujic and Katharina Stankovic (Institute Mihajlo Pupin).
  • Progress on Task 3.5 “Future scenario based decision-making and lifelong self-learning”, led by Alexandre Voisin (University of Lorraine).
  • Update on the INEOS Use Case 1 related to digital twin, led by Sirpa Kallio (with specific tasks presented remotely by Karri Penttila, Juho Peltola, Mikko Jegoroff and Tomi Thomasson, VTT).
  • Progress on dashboards for all Use Cases – Task 4.2 “Role-specific human-machine interfaces and data visualization” led by Chrispijn Keena (TenForce).
  • Data base & semantic repository deployment – Task 5.2 “Semantic knowledge graph for integrated digital twins”, led both by Sanam Mangi and Vincent Goossens (TenForce).