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AI-PROFICIENT: Pioneering Advancements in AI Integration for Manufacturing Excellence 

AI-PROFICIENT, a groundbreaking project launched in 2020, has successfully demonstrated the transformative potential of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies in manufacturing processes. Aimed at enhancing production planning, execution, efficiency and human-machine collaboration, AI-PROFICIENT has made significant strides in addressing challenges related to adaptability and resilience in Cyber Physical Production Systems. 

Key Achievements 

  • AI-PROFICIENT places a human-centered (anthropocentric) approach to AI at its core, adopting an Ethics-by-design philosophy. This emphasis on ethical considerations underscores the project’s commitment to responsible AI implementation. 
  • The project has developed a suite of cutting-edge tools and applications designed to address the specific challenges of manufacturing. These tools, ranging from surrogate data-driven models to natural human-computer interaction systems, are implemented into two remarkable Human-Machine Interface (HMI) applications. 
  • AI-PROFICIENT showcased its capabilities in three diverse production facilities, partnering with manufacturing enterprises Continental and Ineos. The project meticulously examined potential ethical and legal challenges associated with these environments, providing comprehensive recommendations for addressing them. 
  • The project’s tools include a variety of innovative solutions such as connected worker applications, quality data-analysis tools, process/machine-level anomaly detection, data-driven predictive AI analytics, and more. These tools are implemented into two remarkable HMI applications: the INEOS Augmented Reality (AR) Application and the Continental AI Dashboard.  

Driving Innovation Together: Meet the Collaborators Behind AI-PROFICIENT 

AI-PROFICIENT was made possible through the collaboration of ten partners from six European countries. Universite de Lorraine (France): Coordinator of the project, Continental France SNC (France), Tekniker (Spain), Ineos Services (Belgium), Tenforce (Belgium), VTT (Finland), Inos Hellas (Greece), Ibermatica (Spain), Institut Mihajlo Pupin (Serbia), Athens Technology Center (Greece) 

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